People SHIPHOLL 020001 Are you looking animated content for games and websites (effects, characters, objects and backgrounds), graphics for your TV or video ads, or you need a designer for printed materials, illustrator ? You came to the right address – I will help implement the ideas, high quality and original. Write me to e-mail drsensey@gmail.com. You can also send a request or suggestion from the site.

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During my professional career, I had a hand in various specialties of the media industry: I was a game designer, advertiser, director, press designer, art director, drew posters. At the moment, my interest is steeped in motion design, animation and illustration. I’m always open to new proposals and propose a creative experience. Sociable and easy to learn new things.

Gamedev in Quazar

Quite a large part of my heart is the work in the studio Quasar. We have been developing projects for the world gaming market. In cooperation of major publishers we were able to release several projects. My role was to develop a scenarios, storyline, dialogue exploring, developing the game universe and game design. In parallel, I worked on the interfaces, image sharpening, and usability. Here is just a small part, to the projects themselves can be found on the website.  

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